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Qing-Jun Meng Lab


For ageing research materials/resources:

For clock tutorials:

For daily or weekly search results of new circadian clock literatures:

For a database of novel clock genes and modifiers from genome-wide RNAi screen (Zhang et al., 2009, Cell), or from the circadian gene expression database:

For temporal ChIP-seq studies of core clock transcription factors in mouse liver (Koike et al., Science 2012):

For microarray data of CLOCK-regulated circadian transcriptomes in liver tissue (Oishi et al., JBC. 2003; Hughes et al., PLoS Genetics 2009):

For chemical modifiers of clocks from LOPAC (Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds) screening (Hirota et al., PNAS. 2008; Isojima et al., PNAS. 2009; Hirota et al., PLoS Biology. 2010; Hirota et al., Science, 2012):